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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Relief for Chronic Pain with Arthrossage

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus. Frustating, painful conditions. Until now, the main treatments for these conditions have been medications. Unfortunately, medications can have side effects, have dosage restrictions and only work so well.

A great alternative is massage. In a 1996 study, fibromyalgia sufferers reported a 38% decrease in pain symptoms after receiving just ten, 30 minute massage sessions. They also reported a significant decrease in their sleep difficulties (1). Traditional massage can soothe muscles but can be too intense sometimes for RA, fibromyalgia, lupus or chronic fatigue patients.
Now there’s arthrossage, a massage style specifically designed to gently (though effectively) soothe these conditions. Regular arthrossage, combined with simple lifestyle changes, can significantly decrease the pain frequency/severity for people suffering from these conditions. This results in improved sleep and quality of life. Massage turns on genes that promote recovery and healing while keeping inflammation at bay (2).

Arthrossage is performed with the client clothed. It reduces stiffness and improves joint range of motion through a series of gentle joint rotations and positioning. It also involves gentle, soothing compressions of the limbs. One cause of arthritis pain is from tight muscles pulling around and constricting joints. Arthrossage techniques lengthen the muscles easing that strain and pain in the joints. Arthrossage releases synovial fluid to help lubricate the interior of the joints. Arthrossage is at once relaxing and soothing while powerful and effective. It can help calm the nervous system and reduce flare-ups.

1 in 5 American adults have arthritis (3). 5 million Americans have fibromyalgia (4). Yet very few massage therapists are trained in arthrossage. Serenity Dylan (NC License #6352) of Healing Solutions is a certified arthrossage provider in the Asheville area. She may be reached at (828) 808-8955.

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