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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It’s February, the perfect time to discuss romantic love. Love is a treasured and feared emotion. It is also not well understood. Here’s some chocolate for thought.

1) Love is energy. That tremendous physical feeling, the warmth that one experiences pouring from their heart is energy.

2) Love is a feeling, not a thought. Love results from the opening up of the heart chakra. It is not a mental process although we can make mental rationalizations for why we love a person. This is why we hear the tired, old adage “Love is blind”. Since love is not a mental process it is possible to fall in love with someone who doesn’t necessarily seem kind or wonderful to other people.

3) Building our love muscles. Love opens us up to be more loving. Love teaches us to open our hearts and expand our capacity to express love. Love is one of the most important if not the most important universe law we need to learn. Our intimate relationships are so close that they create the perfect environment to develop this quality.

4) Being ONE. Evolution is a must. We all evolve, grow and learn in our own time. Evolution is universe law. We are all evolving toward being a purer and purer reflection of the universe. The universe is energy. This energy is composed of many qualities, individual energies such as truth, faith, compassion, forgiveness, love, etc. The intensity of intimate relationships crystalize and magnify our faults, qualities, fears and strengths. They can be our greatest aide in evolution if we chose to learn from them. As we develop those universe energies within us, we come back full circle. We get more and more connected, reconnected, with the universe and to the Truth that We Are One with all.

5) Being a mirror. Contained within each of us, to varying degrees, are all universe energies/qualities. We all have character shortcomings, fears and hangups as well. We forget or become ignorant of our qualities and shortcomings. Our romantic partners become our mirrors to help remember or recognize these things within ourselves since they also have these aspects within them. What drives us crazy about them, whether in a good or bad way, is also found within ourselves. When we chose to recognize that, the partnership becomes a tool for our growth. It also can help us recognize the beauty of our spirits and understand our value. We are mirrors for each other.

6) Reflection of divine love. The beings we share our lives with in this physical world are here to reflect back that love the Creator has for us (Universe, Source, God/Goddess whatever your name for the divine). We humans forget that we are constantly surrounded and supported by the divine, angels and guides. Most of us don't see or pay attention to feel it. So our partner serves as a mirror to remind us that we are loved.

7) Love opens us up to positive things. Love creates a happy, optimistic state of mind. When we are in a positive mindframe we react to and interact with our world and others in a positive way. The way we act affects how others act. Therefore, it can create more harmony in other relationships in our lives. Better interactions can result in better opportunities. Our positive attitude can allow us to notice opportunities or be more creative than a pessimistic mindset. These are all examples of how love works on our physical plane. However, on an energetic level we are also cocreators in the state of our lives. Having a positive or pessimistic mindframe creates a positive or negative energy field. We will attract things into our lives that match that forcefield we have created, be they positive or negative.

We do not have to be in a partnership to experience the benefits of love. These benefits can be experienced in the love between family, friends, animals, humanity or the earth. So enjoy all that love has to bring. Love is all there is!

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