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Friday, January 25, 2008

Thoughts, Emotions, Energy

Energy is all around us. It is the stuff that makes up the universe. Although invisible to the physical eye, energy is within and around us and every thing. Energy is lifeforce: it powers our cells, makes a seed sprout, helps an egg to hatch. Our physical bodies are a dense form of energy. However, everything we say, think and do are also energy. Our thoughts and words are simply a more subtle, higher vibration form of energy. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The dimensions are made of energy starting from the lowest vibration with the first dimension and progressively higher vibration with each higher dimension. Vibration refers to how fast the molecules vibrate. Humans supposedly live in the third dimension, the physical plane. Some believe we actually live in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is a higher physical plane without the normal constraints of time. As Einstein put it, “Time is relative.” Humans are able to affect and bend time with their minds because the mind is that powerful.

The mind is powerful because it creates energy, both positive and negative. Close your eyes and think of someone you love very much. Let that emotion overtake your body. Now imagine a time when you were furious. Remember that feeling of your blood boiling or the feeling like you were about to explode. Love and anger are emotions but the sensations are the result of the energy. Emotion is energy. Thoughts are energy too. So when you think, “I’m going to fail this test!” or “I’ll just freeze up during that presentation.” You are creating energy. Your actions also create energy.

Let’s put this together. Your body is energy. So are your thoughts, words and actions. They are the same substance so they affect each other. This means your mental/emotional state affect your physical and spiritual state and, therefore, your health. They affect your life too because the entire universe and everything in it are made of energy. Your thoughts, words and actions affect what happens in your life. Have you heard of people who are always complaining of everything bad happening to them, that their health is always going bad or that people always mistreat them? The consequence: everything goes wrong just like they said it would. Their mind/words are generating the result. The reverse can be true, however. You can generate good results and wonderful things in your life by having a positive attitude. I have seen this manifested in hundreds of ways in my life, my clients’ lives and many others’ lives.

Let’s take this one step further. If everything we say, think and do affects the universe then we also affect other people, all living things and the earth itself. We can affect them in a positive or negative way. It is our choice. Think about a time when you knew someone was mad but there were no outward signs to prove it. They didn’t say or do anything to show they were mad. You couldn’t think of a reason they could be mad. Their body language was neutral because they were busy doing something but you knew that they were angry. Or perhaps you knew someone was thinking about you and they called that moment. In each instance, you were feeling the energy they were generating. Some people who are more sensitive can feel or hear others emotions or thoughts. We are all capable of tuning in and feeling energy in this way. However, it doesn’t matter whether it is positive, negative or neutral or whether or not we feel it; their energy affects us and our energy affects them. Imagine billions of minds at work creating thought patterns that affect the entire universe. If we put our minds to positive use, visualizing the possibilities of life, imagining good outcomes in difficult situations and choosing to see the positive potential in every person we could do so much good not only in our lives but in the world. The reverse is true as well. Therefore, I believe we have a responsibility to work through our own issues and be careful stewards of our own minds.

Flower essence therapy can be a wonderful tool to help us heal our issues and create positive thought patterns. Flower essences are energy medicine. The essences are the concentrated energy from the flowers or substances they are made from. Flowers are in tune with and absorb universe energy. Each flower or essence substance takes this energy and makes it their own, their own personality if you will. Each of these ‘personalities’ has a particular energy which can help to shift us out of certain negative or unbalanced mental/emotional states. Our bodies recognize this energy and utilize it as a balancing and healing agent because they too are a part of the universe.

We are all connected, we are all powerful and we are all-powerful. What will you choose to do about it?

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